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John D. Rockefeller, Jr. founded Industrial Relations Counselors, Inc., or IRC, in 1926. In 2015, the organization rebranded as Innovation Resources Center for Human Resources, or IRC4HR. (Read more about our history.) This section of our website presents a collection of IRC® white papers, research, and opinion pieces. While much

The United States is a land of immigrants. The liberal principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution have enabled it to make Americans out of people from widely diverse places and cultures. Yet, from the nation’s founding, immigration has been a contentious issue, particularly when the newcomers

An IRC® Study Conducted by ORC Worldwide Global Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Practice The goal of Industrial Relations Counselors, Inc.’s study, Talent Management Processes for a Diverse Leadership Team, which was completed by ORC Worldwide, was to understand which talent management practices work best for uncovering high potential talent from

An IRC® study conducted by ORC Worldwide. Tighter fiscal control and more-limited compensation budgets are forcing HQ to increase its oversight, if not the outright control of local pay practices. However, there is no clear understanding of the specific local-national pay management approaches currently employed across an array of companies

It’s easy to see that quality of life often starts with a good job. But defining what constitutes a good job is complex. Can we say exactly what makes a job “good”?