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We’re witnessing the prospect of reform that allows all workers to grow into their potential, enables organizations to thrive, and permits us to produce shared, sustainable prosperity. It’s been called the Great Resignation, the Great Reassessment, even an opportunity for a Great Retention. I have another suggestion for naming the

Board of directors Richard L. Antoine (trustee) Richard Antoine is President of AO Consulting, a human resources consulting firm working with CEOs and Chief HR Officers on leadership, talent development, and HR strategy. Mr. Antoine retired as the CHRO of Procter & Gamble in 2008 after a 39-year career in

STAFF Jodi L. Starkman (executive director) Jodi Starkman is Executive Director of Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources (IRC4HR®), formerly known as IRC.  Prior to her role at IRC4HR, Jodi was the EVP and COO for Global Consulting at ORC Worldwide (now Mercer). She has worked in human resources strategy

As we emerge from the crises of the past eighteen months, history has lessons for us.

We can look back over the past 100 years for insights into how to use trying times to transform companies into places that are more adaptable, effective, and human-centered when it comes to creating economic and social value.

Learn how people’s connections with others create the essential fabric that underpins well-being through the four pillars of purpose, resilience, personal growth, and physical health.

Work for Tomorrow is a global innovation competition, led by the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK), which seeks to identify and reward the most promising innovations to address the challenges and opportunities of an aging workforce.