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This exciting, human-centered initiative is exploring how to better leverage technology to help people perform more valuable and meaningful work in a dynamic and unpredictable future.

As the collaborative intensity of work has exploded and the pace of change has accelerated over the past decade, personal networks have become critical to the performance and well-being of individuals (and organizations).

Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources (IRC4HR) is proud to announce its corporate membership in the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE), a visionary, internationally recognized group of thought leaders and researchers examining the impact of digital technologies on business, the economy, and society.

“There will be new jobs, new tasks, and new skills required in order to achieve the next levels of economic activity in an IOT world.” – John Hack, VP of User Experience and Design, SAP How the Internet of things is changing work

In July 2015, the Department of Labor proposed new rules for establishing exemptions from the FLSA, with a 60-day period for comments, and an expected implementation date in January 2016. Recent updates suggest the final rules are unlikely to be issued until late 2016, which could have some significant implications

The way people work is changing fast. Dramatic shifts in communications, technology, and the nature of work are enabling new models of economic activity that exist outside the boundaries of traditional organizations and employment relationships. Being your own boss can be empowering; but are people giving up wages and protection