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  • The Relational Drivers of Well-Being

    Learn how people’s connections with others create the essential fabric that underpins well-being through the four pillars of purpose, resilience, personal growth, and physical health.

Five “P”s for Inspiring Employee Commitment and Engagement in Today’s Hybrid, Remote World

Plus a “C” for weaving them all together.
Managers, there’s more you can do to help your workforce succeed in today’s hybrid, remote world.
But done right, the approach I outline below won’t just serve your employees and boost your team’s performance—it might just ease your mind and lighten your load.
In my last blog, I talked about three vital practices for managers in this moment. The three were based on the collaborative practices that high-performing leaders use to build agile, successful teams: paying attention to the structure of the team, the quality of relationships on the team, and how the team fits within a wider ecosystem.
Today I offer another view of what effective management looks like.
I’m going to focus more on the ways managers work directly with team members to foster engagement and high performance at a time of remote and hybrid work arrangements.
I’ve read many business articles tackling remote workplace …


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