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  • The Relational Drivers of Well-Being

    Learn how people’s connections with others create the essential fabric that underpins well-being through the four pillars of purpose, resilience, personal growth, and physical health.

The great workplace reinvention

We’re witnessing the prospect of reform that allows all workers to grow into their potential, enables organizations to thrive, and permits us to produce shared, sustainable prosperity.
It’s been called the Great Resignation, the Great Reassessment, even an opportunity for a Great Retention.
I have another suggestion for naming the upheaval under way in how employees, organizations, elected leaders, and investors are thinking about the way we work: the Great Workplace Reinvention.
I think “reinvention” is a helpful term for understanding what’s happening now—and what’s possible.
It’s too simplistic to say people are resigning from their jobs en masse. Although some Americans seemed to choose more generous unemployment insurance rather than urgently seek new work, that’s not the whole story. In fact, evidence suggests that cutting off those bigger benefits did not prompt workers …


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