Research Projects

Our mission is to advance the knowledge and practice of human relationships in industry, commerce, education, government, and nongovernmental organizations. Featured here are projects sponsored by IRC4HR℠. IRC4HR contributes to the success of projects through financial support, as well as by providing high-level IRC4HR consulting, advisory and thought leadership services.

More Personal Network Strategies of Successful People

Personal Network Strategies of Successful People

As the collaborative intensity of work has exploded and the pace of change has accelerated over the past decade, personal networks have become critical to the performance and well-being of individuals (and organizations).

More <span>Reimagining</span> HR

Reimagining HR

With the goal of “advancing the HR profession forward, faster,” CHREATE is the collaborative effort of a group of CHROs from leading organizations, along with a small group of academics and other thought leaders, focused on defining – and working to enable – the future of HR.