This initiative was launched with a two-day brainstorming event sponsored by IRC4HR® and the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC). The meeting brought together eighteen experts from across disciplines to explore how to better leverage technology to help people perform more valuable and meaningful work in a dynamic and unpredictable future.

The goals of the meeting were two-fold: craft a comprehensive vision for the future of work and chart a path for a new organization dedicated to putting the ideas into practice and proving their viability.

Led by Jen Gresham – a scientist, retired military officer, and coach – this “Blue Sky” meeting produced provocative discussion, inspired thinking, and a creative set of potential solutions for developing a human-centered future of work and life.

We invite you to learn more about this initiative by reading the report from the meeting (Work for Humanity – Blue Sky Meeting Results) and to contribute your own ideas and feedback by contacting Jen ( or IRC4HR (

Jen Gresham has helped hundreds of people around the world find greater fulfillment and financial success as a high performance coach and business strategist.

Prior to her coaching, Jen spent 16 years in the US Air Force as a scientist and an officer. She is the former Assistant Chief Scientist of the Human Performance Wing for the Air Force Research Laboratory. With a mission to expand ordinary human performance into the extraordinary, she helped lead a $100M research portfolio spanning the fields of biology, psychology, and technology. Prior to that, she served in a number of other roles across various Air Force programs.

Jen is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy and received her PhD in biochemistry from the University of Maryland. She was awarded the Air Force Research and Development Scientist of the Year in 2008 and is the author of several publications on human performance augmentation.

Work for Humanity – Blue Sky Meeting Results

Developing a Common Vision for the Future of Work
(31 pages)

If you are interested in playing a role in Work for Humanity or would like to make us aware of your current efforts in this space as part of our systems approach, please reach out to the author, Jen Gresham (, or to