IRC4HR Joins the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE)

Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources (IRC4HR) is proud to announce its corporate membership in the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.

Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources (IRC4HR) is proud to announce its corporate membership in the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE), a visionary, internationally recognized group of thought leaders and researchers examining the impact of digital technologies on business, the economy, and society.

IRC4HR and the IDE share a mutual interest in defining the future of work and helping people and organizations understand what it will take to work and prosper in a period of disruptive and rapid digital transformation.

The IDE (located within the MIT Sloan School) also shares IRC4HR’s mission of advancing knowledge and practice through a multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary approach that brings together thought leaders from academia, industry, government, and non-profits and provides actionable insights and solutions to current and emerging management challenges. With a focus on areas critical to the digital economy (e.g., defining new employment relationships, closing skill gaps, enhancing productivity, creating new business models, leveraging big data and social analytics, etc.), the IDE conducts groundbreaking research, promotes dialogue, and expands knowledge and awareness.

In sharing IRC4HR’s decision to join the IDE, Executive Director Jodi Starkman, said, “Joining the IDE will enhance IRC4HR’s ability to share, learn from, and contribute to an extraordinary network of thought leaders who are pursuing some of the greatest economic and social challenges of our time. Since its founding in 1926, IRC4HR has sought to make organizations more successful by focusing on human relationships and balancing the interests of key stakeholders. In the fourth industrial revolution, a core driver of success will be designing the interdependent relationships among people, digital technologies, and the environments in which they will operate. We are excited to become part of a community that shares our sense of responsibility in developing a human-centered approach to building a successful and more inclusive economy.”

David Verrill, MIT IDE’s Executive Director, adds: “We are proud to announce that IRC4HR has joined our community as the newest member of the IDE. Through this membership, IRC4HR and MIT IDE will collaborate to explore challenges and opportunities and drive the conversation on the digital economy.”

IRC4HR is a private foundation established in 1926 by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. For more than 90 years, the foundation has been dedicated to making organizations more competitive, productive, and effective by bringing together employers, academics, and policy-makers for collaborative, make-a-difference projects and by ‘shining a light’ on innovative people management approaches. In this way, IRC4HR serves the mutually beneficial interests of organizations, workers, and society.

IRC4HR’s history with MIT goes back to 1937 when it provided funds to establish the MIT Industrial Relations Section, now known as the MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER), also located within the Sloan School.

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Jodi Starkman is Executive Director of the Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources.